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  • S14, HUDDLE 32
  • 28:20 min

How to attract clients through video WITHOUT talking about real estate

In This Episode

Hey there, superstar agents!

Guess what? In the latest Agent Power Huddle episode, our rockstar Haley Jones spilled the beans on the ultimate secret sauce for attracting attention through videos – and get this, it’s not about diving into the real estate nitty-gritty!

Haley’s mantra is all about attraction. Creating engagement that doesn’t feel like you’re trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to your grandma. One killer move she dropped – tapping into what’s hot right now. Yep, ride that trending wave and let it carry your video to glory.

And here’s the kicker – you can totally transform the game by adding your own commentary or reactions. Spice it up! Talk about the random, quirky things that people can’t resist chatting about – like a game of “Would You Rather?” Trust us, it’s the secret sauce for easy entry into conversations.

But wait, there’s more! Haley’s not just about real estate; she’s a wizard at shining the spotlight on local businesses. Whether it’s your favorite sports team, the latest sleek cars, or your lush collection of plants – make it personal, make it you!

Because in the grand scheme of things, your video should be a blast. It should scream local vibes, snag those low-hanging fruits, and, most importantly, be all about the stuff you’re passionate about.

So, dive into the world of fun, my friend. Get specific, keep it local, and showcase what you love. Let your personality shine, and watch the magic happen.

Ready to turn heads with your next video? Let’s do this!