My Sponsor Squad
As an eXp agent, you know that your revenue share group runs 7-levels deep. In The Agent Collective family, we want to make sure you can actually make direct connections with the unique 7-agent network that’s paved the way for your own sponsorship.

Whether or not you know all these agents yet, they can be a crucial part of your support system — just like you are or will be to the agents you sponsor into the organization. We encourage you to reach out to any member of your squad for coaching, support, or guidance.

Note: You may see missing information here if some of the agents in your Squad have not yet created their profiles. Don’t worry — we’ll have the whole Agent Collective family onboarded very soon!
Share your squad with prospective agents!
  • S10, HUDDLE 47
  • 44:39 min

Building a Referral Based Business

In This Episode

Building a referral-based business involves leveraging your existing customer base to grow your business by encouraging them to refer others to your products or services. This approach relies on the power of word-of-mouth marketing, where satisfied customers recommend your business to their friends, family, and colleagues.To build a referral-based business, you need to offer high-quality products or services that exceed your customers’ expectations. You also need to establish a system for tracking referrals, incentivizing referrals, and rewarding customers who refer new business to you.Some effective strategies for building a referral-based business include offering referral bonuses, creating a referral program, and providing exceptional customer service to encourage customers to speak positively about your business. Building a referral-based business takes time and effort, but it can result in long-term growth and success.