My Sponsor Squad
As an eXp agent, you know that your revenue share group runs 7-levels deep. In The Agent Collective family, we want to make sure you can actually make direct connections with the unique 7-agent network that’s paved the way for your own sponsorship.

Whether or not you know all these agents yet, they can be a crucial part of your support system — just like you are or will be to the agents you sponsor into the organization. We encourage you to reach out to any member of your squad for coaching, support, or guidance.

Note: You may see missing information here if some of the agents in your Squad have not yet created their profiles. Don’t worry — we’ll have the whole Agent Collective family onboarded very soon!
Share your squad with prospective agents!
  • S10, HUDDLE 10
  • 38:39 min

Friday Power Tips with Lynea: Finding your Niche

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A niche in real estate refers to a specific area of the market or a particular type of property that caters to a specific group of buyers or investors. This can include luxury homes, vacation properties, rental properties, and properties in specific geographic locations or neighborhoods. Niches can also include properties that are designed for specific uses, such as eco-friendly homes, senior living communities, or properties that are suitable for redevelopment. Identifying and targeting a niche can be a successful strategy for real estate professionals looking to specialize and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.