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As an eXp agent, you know that your revenue share group runs 7-levels deep. In The Agent Collective family, we want to make sure you can actually make direct connections with the unique 7-agent network that’s paved the way for your own sponsorship.

Whether or not you know all these agents yet, they can be a crucial part of your support system — just like you are or will be to the agents you sponsor into the organization. We encourage you to reach out to any member of your squad for coaching, support, or guidance.

Note: You may see missing information here if some of the agents in your Squad have not yet created their profiles. Don’t worry — we’ll have the whole Agent Collective family onboarded very soon!
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Lani Fisher

Content Creator
Managing Broker
Lani Fisher Homes


Drawing from the experiences of 300+ successful home sales, expect Lani & her associates to provide a 5-star experience & beyond. Coming from a military family, Lani truly knows the difficulties & stress moving can be on a person. By 18, Lani moved over 17 times & an additional 18 times since. This personal experience ensures she knows the ins & outs making the process easier for clients while staying a step ahead. As seen on TV "The American Dream," Lani & her associates are featured 1 or more times per month as one of the top 10 most influential agents in the Seattle area. Lani is in the top 1% for the nation of Realtors & in the top 3% in the Puget Sound area.

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