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As an eXp agent, you know that your revenue share group runs 7-levels deep. In The Agent Collective family, we want to make sure you can actually make direct connections with the unique 7-agent network that’s paved the way for your own sponsorship.

Whether or not you know all these agents yet, they can be a crucial part of your support system — just like you are or will be to the agents you sponsor into the organization. We encourage you to reach out to any member of your squad for coaching, support, or guidance.

Note: You may see missing information here if some of the agents in your Squad have not yet created their profiles. Don’t worry — we’ll have the whole Agent Collective family onboarded very soon!
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Jesse Zagorsky

Content Creator
Broker Associate
Live. Love. San Diego Homes.


Jesse Zagorsky, is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and co-owner of Live. Love. San Diego Homes. He has been active in San Diego Real Estate for 10+ years, and has sold over 500 homes. Jesse’s passion for Real Estate includes helping his clients find the perfect home, helping investors analyze possible returns, and Sellers maximize their sales price through tested techniques. With a background in Marketing, Jesse loves creating a total marketing experience for each of ZTeam’s listings.

Shows Hosted

22 episodes
Do you have a question that only an expert can answer? Are you frustrated and tired of just Googling things or getting unreliable answers from random FB Groups? Maybe you wish you could ask different experts questions about a particular real estate topic? Then the Ask Me Anything podcast is for you! Once a month, the Agent Collective has a live Q&A segment with different guest experts answering questions asked by our agents LIVE on zoom! We talk to social media experts, buyer and seller experts, real estate coaches, Facebook ad specialists, and more.
4 episodes
A lot of agents seem to feel lost or clueless on where to start their Agent Attraction journey. But, with the help of the Agent Attraction Starter Kit, whether you're brand new or an experienced agent, this Step by Step guide will help get you launched! Using a 7 step guide we will cover everything you need to know for your Agent Attraction one step at a time. Leveraging experience and knowledge of those who are just a little further on the journey.
22 episodes
Jesse Zagorsky, Jim Godwin, Janki Patel, and Priyanka Johri discuss the emotional side of the real estate industry. How do you deal with clients, your team, and your family? By exercising and working on your emotional IQ. We help you work it out through gymnastics — emotional gymnastics that is.
27 episodes
Meet Long Doan. Long knows a lot about many things, especially real estate and leadership. Long has sold thousands of houses and has a thriving real estate business. The secret of his success is his commitment to learning something new each and every day. But here's the twist: he’s actually not a fan of reading books, and "penalizes" himself with 20 minutes of reading time if he doesn’t learn something new from another person by the end of each day. Long loves to learn and he also loves efficiency since doesn’t have a lot of time. That's why Teach Me Something turns Long’s daily learning into a game show, giving various real estate experts and business professionals a quick two minutes to see if they can teach Long something new that’s relevant to his life or business. Find out if they can race against the clock to whittle their way into Long’s brain — and maybe yours.
3 episodes
Do you want to sell more homes? Build a future? Create a legacy? In this video, you will gain a clear understanding of eXp's innovative real estate model and its impact on agents and clients. From seasoned professionals to curious newcomers, this eXp Explained will guide you through the details of our platform. Meeting you where you are at, to get where you are heading.

Guest Appearances


Sales Agent Crash Course is designed for newer agents looking to build a solid foundation of what to say with clients in different scenarios. Taught by our very own the Agent Collective organization lead, the course teaches a combination of duplicatable systems and easy-to-understand sales skills. It takes you step by step from Lead to Closing, with heavier emphasis on the Buyer side of the transaction. But naturally, these skills can be translated to any client.